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Metabolic Surgery in Mexico


Also known as bariatric surgery, metabolic surgery is performed on people who are obese. Featuring a number of medical procedures, metabolic surgery in Mexico has grown in popularity with patients traveling from USA, Canada, UK and other countries around the world where bariatric surgery can be quite expensive. Let’s take a look at some metabolic surgery procedures.

Exploring popular metabolic surgery procedures

By the use of a gastric band, metabolic surgery concentrates on reducing the size of the stomach through the removal of portions of the belly, a process also associated with sleeve gastrectomy.

Duodenal switch also known as biliopancreatic diversion is the next bariatric procedure, though performed less frequently due to potential malnourishment risks, involves resecting the stomach to create small portions. Dr Jose A. Castaneda has performed over 6000 bariatric procedures, consult directly with him regarding this type of surgery.

The distal parts of the small intestines are attached to the pouch bypassing both jejunum as well as the duodenum. Finally, we briefly explain here two additional weight loss surgery options; adjustable gastric band and vertical banded gastoplasty procedures.

To begin with the latter, vertical banded involves complete stapling of the stomach so as to create a smaller pouch. Also called stomach stapling or the mason procedure, vertical banded surgery continues to prove to be a highly customizable procedure with excellent long term benefits.

As for the adjustable gastric band, a silicon band is used to create a restriction of the stomach. And anytime, it can be adjusted by the removal or addition of saline through a pot that is placed under the skin. Much to its credit, this procedure is considered by many patients to be the the most convenient.

Long-term studies have shown that patients who have safely gone through metabolic surgery reduce body weight dramatically and are able to improve conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular related diseases, and overall health.

Metabolic surgery in Mexico

For individuals with a body mass index of 30-40, metabolic surgery in Mexico delivers the most effective long term weight loss solution for obese patients, at a fraction of the cost compared with USA, Canada or United Kingdom.

The cost of metabolic surgery in Mexico vary considerably depending on hospital, location and surgeon. Dr Jose A. Castaneda performs gastric band, gastrectomy sleeve, duodenal switch, gastric bypass and bariatric conversion surgery saving you up to 50% on surgery. Check pricing and request your Free Quote today.

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