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    Pre Surgery Impressions:

    Even prior to surgery, Dr. Castañeda-Cruz was fabulous in answering every question, very willing to fill out all the paperwork required, and has provided clear written instructions for pre and post opp care/eating, as well as for possible risks.

    His specialty is not just weight loss, but all digestive tract and surgery for diabetes. As such, he is quite able to handle any hernias or other anomalies he may find. I also like that he only does 2 or 3 surgeries per day, thus not going into any surgery over tired. Plus, he has a nutritionist and psychologist on site. Further, surgery takes place at a hospital, not a clinic. He has 200+ surgeries, with NO mortalities, and less than a 1/2% complication rate for the VSG. FYI: Size used in 32; drainage tube used, but removed prior to hospital discharge.

    Post Surgery Impressions:

    Dr. Castañeda-Cruz and his staff were sensitive to my physical needs as a large person, as well as my emotional needs. While I was afraid, it was not of his skill, but of the impending changes. He and his staff where very sympathetic to my fears. Also, it was amazing to have a surgeon who remained available during the entire hospital stay. This is unheard of in the USA. The only downside is that not all the hospitals nurses spoke alot of English. while this made communication a challenge, it really didn’t cause any problems. Therefore, for both his skill as a surgeon and his compassion for others I have no reservations in referring Dr. Castañeda-Cruz and his team to anyone who is considering bariatric surgery.

    Every step of the way was easy and everyone was kind and caring. We had fun with our concierge and the language barrier was quickly lessened with the humor, she was great. I took my laptop with me and sat it up by my bed in the hospital in the event there were any language barriers and used the translator on the internet. This worked great and only necessary at night. The hospital was much cleaner than ours in the US. The people worked long and hard to keep the rooms spotless. The doctor was kind and caring and always there. He found some extra trouble in my bowels and repaired the blotched work one of the doctors in the US had left for me. I cannot say enough about Dr. Jose Castaneda and his team. Kind, considerate, professional, knowledgeable. Sure wish there were more of him. I lost all the weight I wanted to and feel fantastic. Next month makes one year and I am healthy, happy and excited about my new life.

    Dr. Castaneda performed my gastric bypass surgery in December, 2010. Even pre-operatively I was amazed that Dr. Castaneda was always available by email and promplty answered all of my questions. Once I arrived in Mexico Dr. Castaneda continued to be available for any questions before and after surgery. I was nervous about having surgery in another country, but by the time my surgery day arrived, I felt extremely confident with Dr. Castaneda’s surgical competence. I had no surgical complications and continued to heal well once arriving back home. As an RN, I was very reassured by the process Dr. Castandea used both during surgery and post-op to ensure there were no surgical complications or leaks in the surgical incisions. The two aspects of my surgery that were necessary, but less pleasant, were the surgical drains required to be in your abdomen for about 4 to 5 days post-op and the contrast dye I needed to drink one day post-op to check for any leaks in my surgical incisions by x-ray. The hospital and staff were very attentive and caring. Some of the nurses and other hospital staff did not speak fluent English but they were always patient while we figured out what it was that I needed. I can not end this story without saying how caring and truly engaged Dr. Castaneda is in ensuring a positive outcome for obese patients. Even though I am more than 4 months post-op I can still email anytime and receive a prompt response and enquires about how I am doing. I would recommend Dr. Castaneda to family, friends or anyone contemplating weight loss surgery. Trisha Towne Nova Scotia, Canada

    I am very fortunate to say that I am Dr. Castaneda Cruz’s patient. I traveled from Atlanta, Georgia to Puerto Vallarta last March, (all 380 Lbs. of me). Dr. Castaneda explained every step of the process and was at my service every step of the way. His post op care was beyond excellent, in fact he went to see me at my hotel room before I traveled back to the states, just to make sure that everything was ok before I traveled. I have lost over 180 lbs. and look thinner than I looked in High School! Dr. Castaneda is the only Bariatric Surgeon that I would recommend to my friends and family. Juan Jose Garcia, Atlanta, Georgia USA

    Almost a year after being referred by my family physician (at my request & with her support) for weight loss surgery here in Canada, I started to research other options available to me as the wait here is excessive. I was relatively healthy with no co-morbidities and was anxious to deal with my excess weight before I developed health problems. My search led me to Mexico where I found a multitude of options. I was specific about where I was willing to go in Mexico when I discovered Medical Tourism Corporation and Dr. Jose Casteneda. It helped when I found another RN from Canada who had gone this route and recommended this company. From my first contact, everything has been dealt with efficiently. Bianca answered all my questions immediately by e-mail or by phone. When she was not there, Hazel would let me know when I could expect to hear from her. In Puerto Vallarta, things continued to go smoothly. Cecilia was my coordinator person at the hospital and made sure things were in order. Dr. Casteneda and his team are exceptional…I was treated as a person, not as a number or a procedure. It was not an issue when I changed my mind at the last minute about the type of surgery I would have. I originally chose RNY because that seems to be the standard in Canada. After more research, I chose VSG which seemed to be less invasive. Dr. Casteneda supported this choice, and called me at the hotel the evening prior to surgery to confirm my choice, and to provide reassurance. The surgical/treatment team found a unique way to combine professionalism with a warm personal touch. The nursing staff were wonderful and even though they did not speak much English, I was able to communicate with them and they were very attentive. After my discharge from hospital, Dr. Casteneda called me at the resort each evening to check on my progress…I had his cell phone number and e-mail address if I needed to contact him. My husband Jeff was kept in the loop and as well was very impressed by our treatment there. I would highly recommend Dr. Jose Antonio Casteneda Cruz and his team to anyone considering weight loss surgery. . Sincere thanks to Dr. Casteneda….I wish I had made this choice years ago. Doreen Watts (surgery date 08/01/11) Ottawa, Canada

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