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Weight Loss in Mexico

Weight Loss in Mexico

After lots of information on the risks of obesity, most overweight patients are looking for ways through which they can easily lose the extra weight. For many years, exercises and lots of dieting were the most prominent methods of weight loss. Today, the situation is very different. Medical knowledge on ways that can help in weight reduction has seen many people undergoing weight loss surgery abroad. And if getting a healthier body and lifestyle is not enough, weight loss in Mexico can cost up to 50% less than other neighboring countries.

Two of the top preferred destinations for weight loss in Mexico are Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara. Although the problems associated with excess weight are many, it is important to also understand that the methods of weight reduction are also variable. It is also notable the growing number of patients arriving from the US into Mexico for medical tourism services, attracted by the affordable rates charged for most medical surgeries whilst receiving superb private care in highly accredited and experienced hospitals and private medical centers.

Other reasons also include the fact that there are very strict guidelines on who can undergo weight loss surgery in America and Europe. In places like Britain, many women travel abroad to have weight loss surgery. This is because the British government has limits on the weights of people who can undergo bariatric surgery. When many women fail to meet this threshold, they opt to cross borders into countries that have softer laws on the matter. The same is true about Americans opting for weight loss in Mexico.

A comparison of the costs of surgery in both America and Mexico exposes glaring disparities in the rates charged. It is very clear that most of the treatments cost half as much in Mexico as they do in America and that is not to mention the strict regulations that a patient must follow before they can qualify. With easier laws on such medical matters in Mexico, it is not surprising that many clinics are already in operation and the highest numbers of patients are crossing borders to receive surgery in our hospital.

While there are other places where such procedures can be carried out, weight loss in Mexico seems more popular than other medical tourism services, particularly for Canadians and Americans. It is clear that Mexico is better placed geographically than other alternative destinations.

Weight loss procedures performed by Dr Jose A. Cataneda allow most patients to resume normal activities within the first two weeks after surgery. Stronger patients have even resumed within a week. And then there’s our beautiful climate and location, which helps to attract more patients in search of warm sunny beaches in places like Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara.

With such wonderful attractions and a warm weather to top it all up, Mexico stands out as a favorite destination for many. It provides a wonderful opportunity for anyone keen on solving their weight problems because the recuperation period can double up as a tour of the beaches. This is a good way of speeding up the recovery process after weight loss in Mexico.

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