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Gastrectomy Sleeve in Mexico

Gastrectomy Sleeve
Gastrectomy sleeve is a bariatric procedure where the medical practitioner removes a large portion of the stomach and the stomach reduces approximately 25% than its normal size. This is also known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy and it’s generally performed on extremely obese patients whose body mass index (BMI) exceeds 50-60 +. These kinds of patients are too heavy so the risk of performing gastric bypass or duodenal switch procedures may be too high.
Gastrectomy sleeve surgery permanently shrinks the size of the stomach and the new stomach becomes banana shaped. This weight loss procedure can be performed laparascopically, and it can not be reversed. It limits the amount of food intake and you will feel full after eating just small portions of food.

Obese patients undergoing this kind of surgery must make radical diet and lifestyle changes so as to have a successful effect and long term maintenance. As the stomach has the capacity to stretch and expand, the meals taken must be small along with fluids. This will help to maintain the one ounce capacity of the stomach otherwise the stomach pouch will stretch and weight will be regained again.

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery – The procedure

General anesthesia is administered to the patient.
The surgeon performs this surgery with the help of a laparascope.
Approximately 80% to 85% of stomach is removed and the stomach becomes a tube-shaped banana.
The remaining portion of the stomach is joined using staples.
The surgeon does not touch the sphincter muscles that allow the food to enter or leave the stomach.
Surgery takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes only.

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery is performed on patients who are too heavy and are unable to lose weight with diet or exercise and who are not candidates for gastric bypass surgery.

Sleeve gastrectomy risks and considerations

Perforation or hole in the stomach leading to peritonitis or abscess.
Injury to the stomach lining, intestine or other organs during surgery.
Internal bleeding.
Wound infection or opening of the wound.
Inflamed stomach lining leading to heart burn or peptic ulcers.
Vomiting and nausea. Inability to eat certain kinds of foods.
Increase of gallstones or gallbladder disease.

But by and large gastrectomy sleeve surgery is the most appealing option for extremely obese patients. As this is a minimal invasive surgery, there is less pain, fewer wounds and faster recovery than other weight loss procedures. Moreover, it reduces the stomach capacity but allows the stomach to function normally. Another greatest benefit of this surgery is that it eliminates the portion of stomach that produces hormone Ghrelin which stimulates hunger. The malnutrition risk that may be associated with other bariatric surgery patients is not present in this surgery as the body can absorb nutrients as it did previously.

You must follow an exercise regimen and diet guidelines as instructed by your doctor. Gastrectomy sleeve in Mexico may cost up to 40% to 50% less than USA and Canada. Dr Jose A. Castaneda has performed over 6000 weight loss procedures and provides gastrectomy sleeve in Mexico from $4500, contact us and request your Free Quote today.

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