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This website is part of Obesity Solutions Mexico, owned by Doctor Jose A. Castaneda Cruz. Your privacy and the protection of your personal information is handled with care. The following policy text will inform you on how we use and manage the information collected at our site.

Web Site Visits

Each time you visit our website, our server automatically recognizes and logs your IP address. An IP address is basically the address of the computer making a request to our web server. No personal information or detail is obtained in this data interchange – a visitor’s browser is not designed to provide this information.

During a website visit, we may ask a customer for contact information (name, email address, telephone number, and required medical procedure). This information is collected on a voluntary basis – and only with visitor approval.

Our website may contain links to other websites. Our website does not control or take responsibility for personal information collected on these other sites nor is our website/company responsible for the accuracy or the content of these sites.

Customer Information

Once you make an inquiry from our website, your name, telephone number, email address and medical procedure required are included in our customer file.

This information is used to ensure a quick, efficient flow of support and services to you.

This information may also be used for other purposes as outlined below.

Email Addresses

Email addresses may be used to communicate information of interest to you about our company.

Other Uses of Customer Information

Visitor’s information may be shared with external affiliate-partner-agents when the patient voluntarily requests information regarding other services such as health insurance, health finance or any additional service available via our affiliate network of partner agents.

Web Site Security

Our website-company is not liable or responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use of a browser that is not secure.

When accessing our online inquiry form using a secure browser, one can feel secure transmitting personal contact information sent over the Internet.


A “cookie” is a very tiny piece of text we’re asking permission to place on your computer’s hard drive. If you agree, then your browser adds the text in a small file. Each “cookie” has a unique identifier and structure assigned by the sending website. Only the originating website can access a cookie left behind in a prior session (when you return to that site). Your identity will not become public information on the Internet because you visited our site.

Our website uses “cookies” to:

  • Allow you to easily return to the site to retrieve information on previous search.

“Cookies” cannot enable the web server to read from your hard drive, get your email address against your will, destroy files on your computer, create executable programs, or obtain sensitive information about you. “Cookies” from one site cannot be read by another site; your information cannot be passed from site to site.

If you feel that your privacy is being violated by the use of “cookies,” they can be erased from your hard drive. However, any links developed with the website that sent the “cookies” are lost.

“Cookies” are the best method of making the online search experience as efficient as possible.

Contact Information

Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns or comments.

International: +1-877-782-2848

Note: We reserve the right to make changes to our privacy policy at any time without prior notification.

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