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Diabetes Surgery in Mexico

Diabetes Surgery in Mexico

Bariatric surgery for diabetes has been found to reduce the causes and symptoms of the disease. Contrary to popular belief, bariatric surgery does not cure a person of diabetes but rather it helps to ease the condition and make life more comfortable. Diabetes is a medical condition that results from the body’s failure to metabolize blood glucose.

There are three forms of diabetes, two main types of disease and one seasonal diabetes disease:

Type 1 diabetes results from failure of insulin production. Insulin is essential in helping the body to use the blood glucose for normal cell function. Too much blood glucose results in death because it interferes with blood pH or balance and other organs of the body. This condition mainly affects children and young adults more than it does adults.

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the insulin production is low or the insulin produced is resisted by body cells and hence it is not absorbed. It is more or less a disease of insulin shortage or resistance. Blood sugar then tends to accumulate in the blood stream and ultimately affecting the blood vessels, nerves, eyes, heart and kidneys. Surgery for diabetes is applicable for this condition.

Gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy due to interference of insulin production and utilization by hormonal change. Some women experience this condition due to the failure of the body to meet the required insulin production levels for glucose breakdown and absorption by the body cells. Since this condition is temporary, affected parties become normal once they deliver their babies. Medical intervention is only for the duration of the condition.

Advantages of diabetes surgery in Mexico

Diabetes surgery in Mexico has enabled persons affected by type 2 diabetes to lead normal lives through weight loss surgery at a fraction of the cost usually paid in countries such as USA, Canada and United Kingdom. Bariatric surgery involves a weight loss procedure intended to reduce food intake and lessen hunger pangs or control the amount of food that the body can utilize. Weight gain and wrong food types increase chances of acquiring type 2 diabetes. This is because type 2 diabetes tends to affect adults more than it does children and teenagers.
There are two kinds of weight loss surgery. One is restrictive meaning that it aims to make the stomach smaller. The other kind is the malabsorptive targeting the nutrient amounts and calories that the body can absorb.

Gastric bypass surgery has enabled the restoration of pancreatic function almost instantly in patients who have undergone it. It is presumed that the surgery modifies hormones in the gastrointestinal tract and reduces belly fat, all which combines to help in overall weight reduction.

Ask Dr Jose A. Castaneda for more information about diabetes surgery in Mexico.

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