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Gastric Bypass in Mexico

Gastric bypass surgery is where a surgeon cuts the stomach into two parts, a smaller upper part and the lower part is larger. The surgeon then takes the small intestines and connect it to the two parts. Once the surgery is done this allows for a mental and physical change to take place, you will no longer respond to food as you once did.
Gastric bypass surgery is done to fix the morbidly obese. If you have a body mass index BMI of at least forty you may qualify as a good candidate for this weight loss surgery. After the operation your stomach is about 90% smaller than before and you no longer need a large amount of food to feel full. At first, about a spoonful of food may already make you feel quite full.

RNY Gastric Bypass

What to maintain after surgery

In most cases it is important to consume eighty to one-hundred milligrams of protein daily, you do not want to snack in between meals. The patient will start out eating about one fourth of a cup of food to a half of a cup of food to eventually one whole cup within a year, approximately. Every patient is different and is given a customized maintenance plan after surgery. This is where you will train your brain and body to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Eating smaller meals five to six times a day without so many sugars and calories will keep you right on the healthy side. If you do not change bad eating habits you will put the weight right back on.

Cost of gastric bypass in Mexico

This bariatric procedure can be quite expensive in some countries, an average of $25000 in the United States. Mexico is known to have the best price tag for gastric bypass surgery. Dr Jose A. Castaneda has performed over 6000 bariatric procedures, and gastric bypass surgery in Mexico costs approximately $6000 to $8000 depending on location. Many insurance companies may not cover the costs of gastric bypass surgery. If you do not have medical insurance you can get private bariatric treatment and save thousands of dollars.

Benefits of gastric bypass surgery in Mexico

There are plenty of good reasons and advantages to undergo this type of weight loss surgery, but perhaps the best one is the reduction of risks for conditions like Type 2 Diabetes. Some patients, within days of the surgery, no longer need to take as much medication to keep blood sugar under control.

Reflux disease is no longer an issue. Most, if not all patients after the surgery no longer has reflux symptoms. Some people experience high levels of lipoproteins in the blood, this is also known as Hyperlipidemia. When getting the gastric bypass done it has been reported that up to seventy percent of people no longer have this condition.
This life changing surgery is also incredibly effective because of the reduction of death rates between morbidly obese patients. Taking that trip to Mexico to get the best value private bariatric surgery for yourself is now available for you.

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